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Training and Diplomas

The plan is to provide different types of trainings to people in which diploma and certificate courses of varying duration would be conducted under the supervision of highly educated and technical resource persons along with the technical labs and production centers. Joint trainings, diplomas, short courses, and consultancies with the Center for Management Development (CMD) are already in progress. The industrial training wing has already been established in CMD. Following are some of the textile certificates and short courses to be offered by STD:

Diploma in Spinning (1 year)
  Spinning is considered to be the root of textiles. As such, it needs to be perfect right from the start till the end. Skilled labor in this field can save a lot of energy and can enhance productivity.
Diploma in Weaving (1 year)
  Weaving requires highly skilled labor with efficiency in production and machine running. The diploma will impart full training on a weaving machine along with its setup and running.
Diploma in Dyeing (Yarn) (1 year)
  Yarn dyeing is very important for value addition products. The study of dyeing processes, chemicals and the controlling of all factors like temperature, pH, etc. needs to be done very precisely. The course would cover all the aspects of yarn dyeing along with study of sustainable environment friendly chemicals.
Certificate in Sizing (Sizer) (6 months)
  Sizing is an important process and is a pre-requisite for weaving. The process itself is very expensive and a minor mistake may get the whole lot discarded. The certification would cover the practical knowledge of dealing with the recipe of sizing and its controls.
Certificate of Machine Mechanic (6 months)
  Maintenance of the equipments and machines is the key performance indicator of any production unit. The training on proper machine handling and maintenance would be provided to get the break down times at the lower end to increase productivity.
Certificate in Warping (Warper) (6 months)
  The pre-requisite of weaving also includes warping. The process is very sophisticated in terms of the yarn settings and any wrong action results in loss of the whole process. Warper certification would produce specialists in this important field.
Certificate in Fabric and/or Yarn Testing (6 months)
  Testing by all means is the key factor for the acceptance of the goods that are being produced in any manufacturing or services unit. The yarn and fabric testing would be covered in the separate courses of six months each.
Certificate in Quality (6 months)
  Quality control and assurance throughout the processes is by far the most essential part. None of the production on machine or through manual handling can ever be controlled without quality tools.