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Textile Programs: MS Textiles


Master of Science in Textiles (MSTX)

Program Overview

The textile industry in the country is in dire need of competent human resources equipped with a strong technical background and a vision for developing new products and services. In order to address this need, the University of Management and Technology (UMT) has launched the Master of Science in Textiles (MSTX) and Postgraduate Diploma programs in the field of textiles.

The Master of Science in Textiles (MSTX) is a two-year program that has five unique specializations catering for the requirements of the Pakistani textile market. Classes are normally scheduled in the evening for the benefit of the employed participants.

General Information
Thesis and non-thesis options are offered at the master level. Students may specialize in several areas as follows:

  • Yarn Manufacturing
  • Fabric Manufacturing
  • Textile Wet Processing
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Textile Management

MS Textiles Degree Thesis Option (33 credits)

  1. Requires 6 credits of orally defended thesis spanning two semesters.
  2. Requires 27 credits of approved coursework with the following constraints:
    a. Minimum of 15 credits at the 6000 level in their major.
    b. Maximum of 12 credits in TX elective courses from other specializations.
  3. An oral final examination consisting of a thesis defense must be passed. The exam must be scheduled at least two and a half (2.5) weeks in advance through the Thesis Advisor and Graduate Committee of the Department by completion and submission of the specific form.
  4. The thesis must be submitted in proper form electronically as well as in the hard copy approved format to the Department within 2 weeks of the oral final exam date.

Core Courses

  • Master Thesis
  • Fiber and Yarn Studies
  • Fabric Manufacturing (Knit, Woven)
  • Wet Processing or Advanced Pre Treatment
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Industrial and Technical Textiles or Technical Textiles
  • Research Methodology Techniques
  • Departmental Seminar carries 0 credit hour

List of Specializations
Yarn Specializations

  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Advanced Yarn Studies
  • Mechanics of Yarn Manufacturing
  • Methods, Tools and Techniques, Measurement and Evaluation of Yarn Properties

Fabric Specializations

  • Advanced Weaving Technology 
  • Advanced Knitting Technology
  • Methods, Tools and Techniques, Measurement and Evaluation of Fabric Properties
  • Advanced Textile Composites

Textile Wet Processes Specializations

  • Advanced Textile Wet Processes
  • Advanced Textile Printing Technologies
  • Advanced Textile Finishing Technologies
  • Methods, Tools and Techniques, Measurement and Evaluation of Wet Processes

Apparel Specializations

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Merchandising
  • Advanced Sewing
  • Garments Statistical Process Control

Textile Management Specializations

  • Competitive Strategy and Planning for the Textile Industry
  • Textile and Apparel Operations Management
  • Textiles Supply Chain Management
  • Operational MGT
  • TQM  Costing (Management)