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“I strongly believe that your stay at UMT will be an enriching experience!”

He is presently serving as Head STD. He holds MSc and PhD from Leeds University, UK. He is approved PhD supervisor of HEC Pakistan.

Dr N Amin has worked on environmentally friendly methods for cost and energy reduction with better quality products development by introducing innovative process for the textile and chemical industry with ICI Uniqema UK. He is trainer and consultant for Government bodies like TEVTA, SMEDA, BSF, PRGTTI, UNDP, NPO, Textile Ministry, textile and chemical industry and international testing labs.

Dr Amin has been heading two textile departments in Faisalabad. He is external examiner for MSc thesis at Agriculture University, Faisalabad. Dr Amin has audited textile and leather labs on the lines of ISO 17025. He has several research publications in international conferences held in India, Pakistan, etc. His PhD work in Leeds University, UK and ICI Uniqema, UK is in the process of being patented. He is working on several projects in textile and related industries.

He is involved in the activities of NPO and many other organizations. Specialization areas in industrial trainings include energy conservation for industry, productivity and process optimizations, environmentally friendly methods for industries, quality management, processing and colorations, knowledge management and leadership.

Dr N Amin
Director, STD