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Welcome Note

Saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
“He who goes out in search of knowledge is in Allah's path till he returns.” (Tirmidhi, Darimi)


Welcome to the School of Textile & Design (STD) at the University of Management and Technology (UMT), Lahore. We are privileged to be the oldest textile teaching institute in Lahore, with experienced, qualified and competent faculty.

Pakistan is one of the largest producers of cotton in the world, and Lahore is situated in the center of the textile industry and raw material producing areas. The emergence of technical textiles has led to stronger bonds of the textile industry with a wide range of other industries such as agriculture, medical, industrial, sports, civil, etc. Pakistan needs a large number of skillful, competent and talented youth for value-addition. The effective resource management calls for expertise in industrial engineering, essential for value-addition in the industrial products. As such, textile industry is always on the lookout for qualified and competent young graduates so that the industry may tremendously benefit from the advancements in technology and management.

UMT-STD has established close linkages with the public and private sector organizations involved in the development of textile and related industries. This adds to the exposure of the faculty and participants who keep pace with the latest developments in the industry and can play their role in defining and shaping the industry.

UMT-STD has more than 2000 alumni, acknowledged and respected in their professional domains. A large number of our graduates pursued MSc and PhD degrees from countries across the world such as UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, etc. Currently, STD is offering four undergraduate and graduate programs with both conventional and novel specializations in the fields of industrial engineering, textile engineering and technology, management, design, technical textiles and many more. Besides the range of specializations, the focus on research and development, practical skills, personality development, leadership and entrepreneurial skills make the programs all the more worthwhile.

I am confident that your stay at the STD will be a rewarding learning experience that will prepare you for challenging careers in the industry and the international market.

Nabeel Amin, PhD

Dr N Amin
Director, STD