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Why a textile degree?
Textile is strongly linked to life Textile education prepares students to work in a global industry that includes not only traditional fiber, yarn, fabric, apparel, dyeing and finishing, but also engineered products for medical, geotextiles, architecture, fiber reinforced composites, and technical textile for numerous applications.
Five good reasons to be a textile professional
Pakistan is the 4th largest cotton producing country Great job opportunities, both in Pakistan and overseas
70% exports are related to textile products The world demand for textile is rising at around 2.5% annually
60% total employment is provided by the textile industry    

Textile programs at UMT prepare our students for rewarding lives as innovative and responsible leaders in engineering, management, fashion and design including apparel, home textiles, protective materials, industrial textile and medical textiles, along with conventional manufacturing of fiber, yarn, fabrics, garments and processing.

Problem solving involving a understanding of textile product and processes is the backbone of our textile education. The Department of Textiles ensures that you develop the creative skills required to bring a modern approach to both textile technology and management. The practice of research, analysis, ideation, production and communication is underpinned by the process of design and is reflected in the project work of the programs. You will be given a theoretical, conceptual, and practical framework for understanding the national and international perspectives and trends of the textile industry.